• Teardrop Patterned Sheet

      It is obtained as a result of re-rolling the hot rolled sheets after being heated in the oven at a temperature of about 1000 degrees and giving the teardrop pattern on it. Tear-patterned sheets are also called Ceta sheet in the market. In our factory, diamond-patterned sheet metal is produced from 1.20 mm thickness to 16.00 mm thickness, from 850 mm width to 1550 mm width, and from 1650 mm length to 12000 mm height. The diamond patterned sheets, which are frequently encountered on floor surfaces due to their basic feature of non-slip, have many uses such as fire escapes, bridges, walkways, loading ramps, commercial vehicle cases, ships, construction and machinery sectors. Thanks to its visual appearance, it is also preferred for decoration purposes in apartment and cabinet doors, exterior and interior wall coverings.

    • Usage Areas

      Usage Areas

      Our products are used everywhere for you in your daily life, whether you realize it or not.

    • Bridges, Commercial Vehicles, Containers, Deck Boards, Stairs and walkways, Safety Platforms, Lifts, Offshore Natural Gas Platforms, Shipbuilding...